Friday, August 5, 2011

What Is The Level Of Project Failure Is Acceptable?

Enterprise software project management promises governors and heads of reporting dashboard that provides sophisticated all the information they need for successful management of the work. But I wonder if a strong idea visibility on project performance is sufficient.

Earlier this year, a project management expert and author Harvey Levine was asked: "We have recently up-tick the '. Yellow and red among the portfolios of projects. This raised an interesting question" Is there any Research tells us what the ideal mix of red / yellow / green is a portfolio? '"

Harvey was the answer that you expect and miles. "In my opinion there is no such thing as an ideal mixture is like asking". What level of failure is great? Is there a standard for the level of failure? This is not a quality control application. We speak here of the project investment. Failure of the project led to the failure of the company. The ideal combination, if any such thing, is 100% clean. "

Yellow or red indicators, which do not start some kind of action just does not make sense. When the red lights go, you do not put the brakes? Harvey offers three proposals with the System Dashboard:

1. Set alarm thresholds for yellow and red key

Second Establish standardized procedures for reporting deficiencies and corrective actions

3. Look at the trends and current data

Defining what it means that the warning lights and create a structured and appropriate. For example, a yellow indicator for an individual task can be a major cause of concern that the same indicator for the whole project. However, a red light should prompt immediate corrective action, whether it is associated with a task or project.

The dashboard is not useful because visual indicators, but to what extent these indicators initiate actions required to drag an identified task or project back on track.

It is failure an option?

I do not think anyone would deny that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. However, did you know that has lost about 9000 shots, lost almost 300 games, and took the game winning shot and missed 26 times?

OpenView Venture Partners I sometimes get the newsletters, which included the interesting post this morning, Scott Maxwell, you need no more!. He suggests that culture is "stuck on the idea that ... we need to plan and then act, and if there is a fault, was either planning or execution of disorder."

I think it's a mistake to see the problem this way. The same Maxwell, who says, "most of the situations, and all new situations are unpredictable, so the best approach is to obtain a rapid implementation, identify problems and opportunities, then repeat. Follow this iterative process a few times and eventually you will find almost all the questions and be able to make the best possible level. "

He suggests that most people call it "the failure times of several", but believes that success. Me very creative problem solving rarely allowed out of the door. Michael Jordan is a good example of someone who is universally accepted as an incredible success on the court, but even Michael was not 100% successful 100% of the time.

Maxwell shows that short-Michael Jordan commercial for Nike to make his point. Only about 30 seconds, but it's worth. For the work of most of us think base includes, among other things, lack of time to time. Regardless of its working methods of management or management tools you use, the difference between success and failure is our ability to learn from our mistakes and improve.

What to do to ensure that mistakes are learning opportunities?

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