Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facility Manager An Introduction To The Law On Correction Climate Monitoring Utility

Seeing that most managers of facilities are already tracking utility costs, person additional compact action to see whether you have saved all the energy and the cost of your system power management . before 12 months compared with the costs of costs this year and see if it is saved.

Modeling, although it may be convenient, it needs time to build hours of planning and, finally, to represent how significant will be making the application, and not symbolize what will certainly be used. If the objections of individuals to keep utility costs last strategy allows to define their own features such as Energy Manager. Moreover, in conclusion, utility costs, such as the cost of a mirror of what is spent.

Well, not so simple. Here is why.

WHY BILL COMPARISON not work, or, why use it properly Weather

Suppose you need to see the financial savings of efficiency of the processes of H2O has installed new ice this January. A comparison of base payments before and after savings must show adequate? Well, not exactly. Suppose that last year was impressive, and this summer has been devilishly burns. Need to see the savings? Possibly not.

There's a couple of approaches that they can trace the use of the year to 12 months. Suppose they have examined the use over time, as most people today do.

They scored the regions. The bottom (darker) region, they basically call a non-time sensitive use. This may be due to the use of information systems, lights, pumps and other lots at constant volume, which are, no matter what the weather is. For the full year on that amount on a regular basis. (In this situation, non-time-sensitive load is comparatively low, this measure serves as the mechanical system. Usually, a non-time sensitive use ought to be larger.)

They come in contact with the primary (brighter) to perform delicate area weather. This is only necessary due, in this case, the factory air conditioning. Use this area could be attributed chillers, chilled water pumps running, cooling towers, pumps H2O condenser, condenser fans and possibly fans and pumps, bicycles or are a boost variable frequency .

If the earlier summer was cold, and it was hot in the summertime months, so it is not sensitive to weather years of use is unlikely to provide 12 months, but time ought to be sensitive to alter a user. Keep an eye on how other weather-sensitive part of Brazil is much better because of a busy summer, greater cooling requirements.

Suppose now that the new procedure for cold drinking water reduced the use of time above 20%. With climate changes, an annual comparison of the use may not indicate electricity savings at all .. (They have removed 20% of consumption in 2002 climate-sensitive information, which is what they can do with a renovation of technical water ice.)

Think about showing the management of these final results after investing a million dollars to 50%. It is impossible to inspire confidence in the management of the graphics that way. As significant for electric bill comparison.

To describe these final results, you can give them a graph of CDD, and then saw that the publication of retrofit-year (2002) was definitely a lot hotter, and cooling much more substantial, and therefore improved its use.

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