Friday, September 2, 2011

The New Way To Manage Corporate Reputation

With an emerging breed of consumers who demand dialogue with companies and insist on greater transparency and accountability of the organization, the organizations image and reputation management has become stronger than ever. It's like having millions of eyes watching your business and a thousand mouths claim their share of the communication process. The challenge now is how organizations establish and maintain a strong brand and positive corporate reputation in the Internet age.

Five meta-trends in online reputation management

John Bell, Managing Director of 360 ° Digital Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, speaks of five meta-trends that affect the way companies manage the reputation of the presence of social media and brand communities.

1. Hyper transparency

"Having 150000000 bloggers means that thousands of potential forensic accountants, custodians, and social activists to see their activities."

It is high time that companies not only open their doors and windows, but their transparent walls as well. Consumers looking to hear and see what is happening with their brands, especially now that the various social media tools, let them. Organizations must then operate with honesty and clarity. Mysterious companies never win. Transparency is the new name of the game

2. Crisis viral

"The crisis spreads through formal and informal networks -. with lightning speed and full-motion images When bad things happen, they spread very quickly, often with accompanying YouTube videos."

Primed crisis management plan is a must for today's businesses. Beware of bad things blogged mystified, and asked about your business. The spread of the crisis is multi-directional and 10x faster. Meet and chat with lighter rigs in the right. Above all, your company to respond quickly.

The need for a third dialogue

"One way messaging is not acceptable for those seeking dialogue. Consumers want the conversation without messaging, brands they love. "

Let people talk to people. Consumers should not be disclosed boring or fraudulent ads. They want dialogue and demand a real dialogue on it. Nothing else earns their trust and loyalty that companies really listen and talk to them.

4. Critics of the brand and higher employment

"Elegant, agile detractors to exploit social media on a daily basis. The social web is built on new signs of a kid who knows how to leverage blogs, research, Web 2.0 innovations such as tagging, social networking and more."

Organizations need to be good at the same weapons as their critics use. Today it is on the Internet. Knowing where the criticism of the brand and the ways in which they speak. Your company does not want to fight in the woods, when the enemies are on the plain. Similarly, you would not use spears when they are already using guns.

5. Fans of the brand uncontrollable

"The fans of the brand have a voice louder than ever (and you can not control them). The company or embrace them, ignore them, or putting himself in danger to try to control them, or worse, would be closed."

Powerful allies in your business is not afraid of losing fans are talking about the brand online. To find ways to reach and they were. They hear and speak their language. The important thing is to discuss with him as man and nature as much as possible.

Rules for Online Reputation Management

Bell five meta-trends to define a new game with reputation management. Introduces emerging companies for ', players, allies and opponents in the game, and tools to establish and maintain their brand and corporate reputation. However, no matter how the game, the players and the instruments are changed, the basics remain the same. Here are the rules of the game, I believe that properly applied to the management of corporate reputation across all media.

1.Know your brand.

2.Share your story.

3.Listen and respond to your enemies.

4.Engage and strengthen your allies.

5.Always connected to the center of public relations: the truth.

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