Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doing Business Is Based On Trust And How It Can Backfire

The article is written after an agreement with a man named Peter White is named the sole owner of a mortgage company Mortgages & Aston Ownbuild. What happened to warn others of the dangers of some partnerships based on trust.

This article is intended as a general warning to somebody embarking on a business plan with somebody you think you can trust or who you worked with for a long time.

After the company I worked for & that Aston was a client of mortgage, entered in to administration, they kept in contact. In the work of the following years, Pierre came to me with a variety of industries, statements related sites. I dismissed all but, which appeared to have some potential. Because of my business relationship with long-term mortgages Aston I went ahead with this without an appropriate agreement - only an e-mail Peter defines the terms of the agreement. At that time I had no reason not to trust him, but now recognize it was dull, & despite the split 50:50 on all commissions promised in his e-mail was Aston mortgages do comply with the agreement.

Peter was a former longtime client of a company, I worked as web promotion manager for several years. I had no reason to think that both Peter was anything but honest & direct, though they was shall they say always looking to squeeze down prices & to get services at a reduced cost.

They changed the password to a website & Google campaign & then refused to pay a debt of over £ 6,000 less than our method.

As Mr. White had a game smart mortgage Aston to the sole recipient of commissions & had control over passwords, net site & promotion campaign for Google, after paying a quantity of them, I think that greed got the better of him.

The lesson for others is to make positive they have a legally binding agreement to do business with, even if you have known for years. I also would caution somebody to keep away from penny clips did not Ownbuild owner & paid the cost.

In addition to warn others, after having spent much money & time on prosecutions historicallyin the past, I decided that the best way to receive a refund in the name & disgrace to make use of the Net as the most effective way.

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