Monday, September 19, 2011

Facility Manager An Introduction To The Law On Correction Climate Monitoring Utility

Suppose you need to see savings of the new production method of ice water that you have installed this January. A basic comparison of prior charges & submit ought to show cost savings, right? All right, not . Suppose the earlier 12 months had been a pleasant time & this time was diabolical sizzling summer. Need to see the financial savings? Probably not.

WHY BILL comparison does not get the job completed, or, why use the REPAIR Weather

They selected regions. The lower (darker) area they call non-climate-sensitive use. This application can be attributed to computer systems, lighting, constant volume pumps & other charges on what the climate is. For a full year of operation, this amount regularly. (In this scenario, the delicate use of non-climatic small, given that this is a mechanical factory. Normally, the non-weather sensitive usage may be greater.)

There's a couple of ways that they can use the plot from 12 months to a year. Let's look at the use of a function of time, like most people do not.

If the summer was treated last season, & this time it was hot, do not use the delicate climate, it is most likely not set year to year, but the use of hard time conditions change. Was detected in the 12 months, the climate is much more sensitive due to the cooling load of the high temperature.

They call this the primary (brighter) use weather sensitive area. It is directly related to the use, in this case, the factory air conditioning. Use this area could be attributed to cooler, walking pump chilled water, cooling towers, water pumps, condenser, condenser fans & perhaps the fans & pumps cycle or a variable frequency.

Think about the likelihood of exposing the management of these results immediately after investing percent of the $ 50 million. It is hard to inspire confidence in the management of the graphics that way. nice for comparing the electrical bill.

Now suppose that the method of the new chilled water consumption reduces climate sensitivity of 20%. With the change in weather, an annual comparison of the use probably not a sign of the vitality of the cost savings at all .. (They have removed 20% of climate-sensitive use of 2002 knowledge, they could do with a chilled drinking water program after installation.)

You can calculate your savings by adjusting your electricity bill saving equation for the climate.

To show the final results, which can offer them with a letter from the CSD, & then could see that the year after modernization (2002) has definitely been much warmer, & the necessity for additional cooling & for this result has led to better use. This might permit the hook, but you still must quantify how much you have saved, right? Management is not waving the arm so extended.

How does the time correction

In lieu, higher employment rate comparable to the earlier year, when the correction of the time they make a comparison of how significantly the vitality that they used this year, it is important not to make use of this power for 12 months. Lots of of our trade can not be contacted due to comparison, the cost savings, but to keep away from the use or avoidance of value.

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