Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Is......

Love ... is the greatest thing in the world.
Life is empty without you
This body was destroyed
How rubble
Scattered without a touch of love ..

Love ...
Everyone is always calling your name
Everyone always needs you
Everybody is trying to reach you
Love ....
Why there are always bothering
Why there are always screw
Seduce, to lull your ..
Then you get rid of it ..
Love ...
You are too beautiful to be hurt
You are too valuable to be mocked
You are too perfect to be cast.
Love ...
Be thou like a pearl its exterior
Is always shining
Emit a shimmering light
Although you are in the deepest mud ..
Love ....
A feeling that is given by God on a pair of human beings to each other .... (love each other, have each other, meet each other, mutual understanding, etc.).
Love ......
Can not be forced, love can only work if the two parties to "mutually" is ...
love .....
Can not start if they are selfish.
Since in touch, we would want a couple more attention
and it can only be from an understanding partner.
Love is giving love instead of chains.
Love can not be forced and sometimes are not even coming in on purpose.
Beautiful love but the pain he left behind
sometimes lasts longer than love itself.
The limits of love and hate are also very thin
but with the love of the world that we live seemed lighter.
Love of one's feelings toward the opposite sex
because of interest in something that is owned by the opposite sex (eg nature, face etc.).
However, understanding and mutual understanding necessary to be able to continue the relationship,
must cover each other and the lack of a partner willing to accept what it is,
without coercion by either party.
Sharing love together and share the grief together.
Love ....
Something pure, white, sincere and pure
that arise in the absence of coercion or that something is made-up,
It can make the personal love that person may be motivated to make changes that better than before he came to know that love.
Love is something that is sacred and we should not tarnish the sacred love with our selfishness
who just want to make our delicious and unpleasant for you.
love requires understanding
A man's deepest feelings that made him willing to sacrifice everything for the happiness of his loved ones.
His sacrifice is sincere, do not expect a reply.
If for example, gave many gifts to the person but on the condition that the person must want to be back with her boyfriend, it's not love his name.
Love can not be measured by material or derived from the secular world.
And believe me ... the greatest love is usually always come from the biological mother, instead of a girlfriend (boyfriend because love can fade any time soon or after marriage).
Love, make happy, sad or blind.
Love is full of sacrifice, the bitterness, the beauty and warmth.
Love is a willingness to give without asking anything,
but love will become more beautiful if they both give and take, so the warmth, harmony and unity can be achieved through life. Love is a word that has many meanings, depending on how we put this in life. Atatakai koto wa ai da.
Love can make people blind to everything
just for the sake of love for her lover.
We also know what it means to love it.
Would love to make people feel joy and sorrow at the same time when we are trying to get happiness together.
So it was not for our own happiness.
However, we do not till one step so as not to misery. Do it for the person you love so you do not feel worth it to no avail. Because that's what makes life more vivid.
Love is a feeling of warmth that can make us realize how precious we are, and the presence of someone so precious to us to protect.
Love is not limited to words alone, because love is much more valuable than the treasures of the world's most expensive too.
When someone holds your hand and say "I Love You ..." is sure to be a special warm feeling!
Therefore, when ye have found someone so precious to you, never let her go! But sometimes love is so painful, and the only way to show your love just let him go.
Love is a feeling that no one can figure out when it came, even though the owner's feelings.
If we already know love, we will be the happiest person in the world.
However, if unrequited love, we feel that we are the most unfortunate and we will miss his passion for life.
With love, we can learn to appreciate one another, and strive to protect our loved ones, whatever will happen to us. Ai ga kirei'n da!
Love is a priceless gift and give it the most perfect creature, man.

Love can not be uttered in words, can not be described by any language. Love can only be read by the language and also with a feeling of love.
Love is a universal feeling, do not know the gender, age, ethnicity or race.
No matter how in love with a fellow human being, with plants, animals, spirits, or with the Creator. After all, love is blind. The same blind groping. So ... love is groping. groping hearts that be loved ...
LoVe Is Life

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