Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sales Trainer - Five Ways To Attract Employees Superstar

This month, our blog topics have focused on the development team and how to transform their employees Superstars! In today's blog, I will say five ways to attract great candidates.

1. Keep an eye on potential employees, and try to use when you are desperate for someone, anyone. When you're desperate, you tend to make the best choices, and you end up with someone you want to pay to get rid of. (Consider this problem for many of life!)

2. Evaluate who you are now - even if you have a one-man band, to make the assessment, which determines the strengths and weaknesses of your business is, because it will add a candidate who brings the gifts that do not currently exist. The biggest mistake we can do is hire people who are like us. You would be surprised how many companies have employees with the same personality type of person who is hiring! We teach courses titled "Connecting to different types of personality" - is awesome! In the course, you can learn to get along with any personality type in 30 seconds!

When we teach this course Divide the room into a different personality, and you will find that the greatest personalities are the same - people hire people who are like them! This means that the company does not have the skills that the other personality types would bring. Variety is the spice of life, to give a good look at where the holes are in your company and try to fill them.

3. To attract excellent candidates, consider the reputation of your business. How your business looks, runs and feels like an alien is important when considering if they join forces. Are you the state of the art or is disorder and a general sense of chaos in the office? If the office looks like a toxic waste site and that you are a spa, it may be time for a makeover!

4. Prepare the business. After the interview, after an ad, or are looking for, make sure you have good news to tell. In other words, a commercial designer, who will present the company in the best possible way. See examples posted a career as a model of good writing.

5th Have a look. Bring someone in a temporary project or hire a service temporary staffing to see how the person works before you hire full time. After all, hire someone who can make or break your business - hire quickly slow the fire. You would not marry the first date you go on (although most would not!). Make things for a while and see how your new temporary employee handles the job. It could be divorce court or, possibly, a battle in the sky - you'll soon find out!

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