Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Commandments Great Name

As the name of a person, is an identity name of the company. Naming your business is one of the hardest parts of starting a business mainly because you will be known under this name since the beginning until you hopefully do not end your business. Your company will have to live, figuratively, under that name. A company is like a newborn child. You must give it a name. When you give it a name that does not fit perfectly to your business, it would be like naming a child with a bad name, too. A trade name does not exactly match up serious failure in your business operations or help you avoid the sale. But a company name is everything and nothing. To get the correct name of company will help you distinguish a sea of ​​bland competitors, giving your customers a reason to hire you, and helps the brand of your company. Apply these 10 commandments when choosing a name for your business.

1. Naming take seriously

Naming your company or product is a serious matter. The name you choose can play a vital role in marketing your business. Your name projects your image, brand and market position.

Second Avoid dangers Word Play

Taking the pun strategy will add to the difficulty for customers to remember and find. Being cute can backfire. Lists following real "companies to avoid"

Ear-resistible designs

Dirty Ernies Paragon Hotel

Fireball Oven Co

Mess Graphics Inc.

Nut Pound Rotten Ralph

X-Ray Knitwear

Do not be a third IBM

While it may be tempting to reduce the company's name, so that communication and correspondence easier, because the small business owner, do not have the resources and marketing muscle to drive the market, what does the acronym.

4. The focus

Forget to mark your company name with the nickname as the World Cup or the company. All founders of startup has big visions for their businesses. It may one day consider the marketing of various markets and product range. The successful creation of companies have limited time and money, most likely your success in the business world is highly concentrated in a narrow zone. A small business is a specialist, so the customer needs.

5th Stay out of Court

Do not use, lend, or modify an existing well-known mark. In Elizabethtown, Ky., Victor Moselet used in the name of Victor's Secret, he opened his lingerie and adult gift shop. Victoria Secret is not secret when he's Legal Service Victoria Secret sent Moselet claiming trademark infringement. Quickly, he changed his name to Victor's Little Secret, but the change did not have enough of Victoria Secret, which is then filed a lawsuit.

6. Think beyond local

Most small businesses operate in the local market. This does not mean that the name should be geographical. If you are marketing to customers in the local market, they know they will act locally. By adding the name of the name of your city just to be sure to stick a long list of other directories of local businesses with similar names. If you want a local name, add it to the market, such as "serve only the (urban) area."

Avoid seventh ME Inc.

It is a common trend for a company to be named after the founder. If you plan one day to sell your business, company owner named company less attractive to a buyer prospect of a fire on a company.

8th Ask others to spell it

A unique company name can be an advantage because people could easily recognize it. But an extremely unique company name may lead some people crazy when they try to spell it. The world might be spelled with a website or vision. Put your company name with spelling tests and ask others to spell it. Lists experience, intelligence, jewelry, millennium, and the staff that some of the 100 most misspelled words.

Be friendly web 9th

Consumers are bombarded with brand names and advertising on a daily basis. His work as a successful small business is to make customers remember. Their websites should be the same as the name of the company. Avoid composite web address names. It's hard enough to remember a web address without the dashes.

10. Check availability

Once you have developed a fully qualified name of the company, over time, their work does not use it. You can use a similar name for your company if another company uses that relate to the market or industry. Once you have your name, to protect it by registering the company with the name of your country or state office.

Your company name should be catchy and memorable. Apply these 10 commandments when naming your business and ultimately you will avoid disaster marketing.

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