Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Be The Next Bieber Jusin

Do you want to be famous? And do you want to become famous as Justin Bieber did? Well if I told you it's not really hard to do?

Bieber may be overly criticized by many, but it is a great example of what marketing, social networking and other elements can be done.
First Bieber began to publish their videos via YouTube, a platform that has given 5 minutes of fame for many people, but those 5 minutes stretched into years because of other Internet tools ... Twitter.

If we become aware of the biography of Justin Bieber is that if someone wants to be famous, you should start now to put your videos (as real as possible) on YouTube, because you never know who might "accidentally" discover your talent to delight young fans. This is exactly what happened to Justin Bieber.

Twitter really help Bieber began to divert attention from your target market. Marketing Many still do not understand the scope of the Twitter users, but this was the beginning, Justin used to go with the public. Justin is currently offering a movie called "Never Say Never" (Never Say Never), the type of document that presents the story of a singer and how he came to where he is now.

And, of course, had to make a special perfume for girls called "one day", but the video is a little weird and you can even get a laugh, in two days reached 2 million page views. A good example is Google, who becomes obsessed with pop stars. This search engine company has made a change in marketing strategy. Last month, Lady Gaga joined an ad to show all the opportunities offered by the Chrome browser. Now, he did the same with Justin Bieber.

The announcement is similar to Gaga, but also shares some similarities with the recent announcement Dear Sophie, which shows a father with Chrome and other Google products to remember the childhood of his daughter.

It makes sense that Google thought Bieber for their promotion. The young celebrity was discovered through its performance uploaded to YouTube. And with it, Google is reaching an important demographic: teenage girls.

One of his secrets: his well-defined market.

Justin Bieber is not expected that all his fans know that it would be almost impossible, but the market is young, is well under control. It then adds elements of marketing, a good use of digital tools and a well-defined market failure, and the rest is history.

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