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How To Choose A Recruitment Agency For Overseas Staff

Recently, the concept of recruiting abroad personnel is increased. Many companies have joined the wagon trying to respond to the unprecedented and growing skills shortage. To keep afloat and keep the competitors, it is important that you recruit qualified personnel to produce what the company represents. Recruitment abroad is a blessing for many small and medium-sized enterprises to face this challenge. International recruitment may have the skills and attitudes that will prove useful to you and your company.

It is a known fact that for a migrant worker is a financial decision. It is less desirable place to get this wrong. You must use them as an asset to your company instead of a liability. A wrong choice will result in space for visas lost where you spent your time, money and effort. Therefore, it is necessary that the international recruitment agencies are more diligent in choosing the right candidate.

Sports to bring the staff abroad rewarding, if you are able to choose the right overseas recruitment agency. There are many companies who claim to be the best in the field. How to distinguish good from evil? This increase in value is mainly to provide insights into key aspects that you need to be aware of when making a placement agency for overseas staff.

Choosing a recruitment agency abroad

Recruiting is a dynamic industry, and it is overwhelming and confusing to potential employers and candidates. In this maze, choosing the company's recruiting staff abroad to the right will be even more daunting. Some of the features that need to be careful when you use the service to recruit staff of the company, especially abroad, are listed below.

Global Presence

A well established recruitment agency with many clients with offices in various locations of cities, provinces or countries is a sure bet. Be careful when you register for an agency or a startup with a unique location office.

There are international recruiters who say they have offices in different countries. To enforce their claims are true, the demand for business registration documents of the respective countries. This could be beneficial as it will quickly tell you if they are honest or mislead with false statements. In fact, they can work with an agency partner that could cost you more. It also means that the hiring process and especially the selection of candidates are not under its control.


It is important that the recruitment agency has relevant experience in the recruitment of international staff to guide and lead you gently through the transition process. It is advisable to choose a recruitment agency, which has been continuously working with overseas recruitment, and with a good reputation.

An experienced recruitment agency are more likely to be aware of legislation in the country from which the applicant is from. When they are entitled to this knowledge, it speeds up the process to get to your country after the visa is issued. It requires experience in visa and immigration rules in both countries. This is an important feature to look for when engaging a recruitment agency for jobs abroad.

Reference checks

It is wise to conduct a thorough inspection of the recruitment agency you want to engage with recruitment. You must ask for customer testimonials and case studies to confirm their authenticity. Ideally, they provide these without too much delay. Needless to say, this must be followed with a background check of accounts to ensure their customers and businesses is not pseudo.

Some shady recruitment agencies are famous for providing the client contacts the foreign-sounding name. Do not hesitate to get a reference to your country or the equivalent in the country. This allows to verify the legitimacy of the corporate entity.

Situations may arise where a company of international recruitment accumulate relatives or friends, customers or business references. They will amaze you with their gentle ways and Article implementable. However, in reality, are not necessarily the business. An easier way to make sure that this would be to search Google Maps. If you are the business opportunities are very rare that you can not find on Google Maps or business directories.


Picture Website professionally managed organization. This platform serves as a tool to interact and work before an audience of business. As part of the social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like is a clear indication whether they are going.


Website would be a good start to collect information on all potential recruitment agencies. Other sources to check their reputation is through newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth. This will give you information on how the company is seen in the public eye. Review their site to see if they are informative, articulate and influential with a reputation in the industry.

You have the reputation and brand in your area. You are measured on how you do business and especially your HR practices. You will certainly be afraid that your reputation is maintained at all times. This is a time when the international recruiters overload candidates. It will be again in March to your reputation. It would be desirable to have them say how much if all they charge their customers for their services. What has been described as free or cheap can actually expense of the applicant. This can damage your brand identity with the applicant claims to believe is in charge instead of the Agency itself.


Genuine recruiter is willing to offer good advice, helpful and honest, and proactive. It would be helpful if the international recruiter is able to essential information you need to know, is preparing for you what to expect and help you make the right decision from their past experiences. However, this is only possible with the work of agencies that have a global presence and / or network with industry partners, to acquire qualified personnel in different countries.

The recruitment consultant would work on the options in the best interest of the customer's drawing on past experience. He / she would be willing to spend atleast 30-40 minutes of the first friendly and professional consultation to get a complete understanding of your needs and follow-up for more information as and when required.


Recruitment agencies that provide a fast lap time of emails and phone calls is a good sign that they take their jobs very seriously. This can be anything from telephone calls are dealt with promptly, courtesy and professionalism, the electronic tag, periodic updates on the Internet, etc. It would be advantageous to have your questions answered quickly, so they have a smooth sailing in this process . The response time is an important element to consider when choosing a recruitment agency.


How the search firm of consultants to carry out their activities is a reflection of the image of the company and its principles. Analysis and evaluation of all aspects of the performance of consultants is important. Act professionally in all matters that are well informed about their customers and business, eager to listen and offer advice accordingly, are some of the qualities in a recruitment consultant. It is crucial to ensure that they will be able to represent the values ​​of your company and attract the skills to meet your business.

A combination of these key features will help you zero down on the recruitment agency providing appropriate and effective professional services where you can build a lasting business relationship.

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