Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lack Of Limits Can Hurt Your Business

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most common reasons that psychologists will lose their license, that they have sex with customers. You see that many clients come to therapy with evil, and share intimate details of their lives with the therapist, are vulnerable. If the psychologist has no boundaries and professionalism, both emotionally closer, they move into the arena without considering the physical consequences of doing so.

There are a number of areas, the therapist, or a company needs to protect the healthy boundaries that are not in danger. For example, a personal communication is a good therapeutic tactic, but in the wrong hands, too much or the wrong information can form the basis for the therapist, when a customer decides to use the unfair damage or therapist.

The limits are as genuine. Think of a large football field. After the game, all run into the ground and there is chaos. If you live your life as a football field, there are times when others take advantage of you and do not know where it ends and begins. Over time, they resent the way they move in their lives and help themselves to what they need, regardless of need.

Now consider the construction of a life that is surrounded by cement blocks and large similar to those used to build schools or gyms. They keep everybody out and prevent you from having relationships with others that you are stuck all possible interactions. It's a way to live alone.

Finally, imagine you are sitting on the terrace, the front yard. Around the property is a beautiful white picket fence surrounding the property and custody of animals and children. It can be seen on the picket lines and at the top of the fence to get a good view of what is happening in the world. There is a door at the end of the bridge. Note that the handle of the door is inside the fence. This means you can open and close the door for others to come and go as you choose to do.

Healthy boundaries are like the white picket fence. They allow you to get involved in the world, but also your privacy. By establishing personal and business boundaries, you will discover that there are fewer problems and could benefit others, while having the opportunity to enjoy your privacy.

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