Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Sell HR Software Part 2

Product knowledge and knowledge of human resources is very important

You can not be a consultant with the process unless you really understand your product and HR processes. If you come to sell HR software, spend as much time as possible product knowledge and explore the process of needs assessment as an educational opportunity to gain a better
understanding of HR processes. You'll be amazed how, at every demonstration you make, you are asked questions that you have never been asked before. To answer the many questions you can not easily be prepared, it is important to have detailed knowledge of the product that allows you to answer the many questions you will receive. This is the credibility. And if you do not know the system you sell or understand the needs of HR, you are not credible.

Project manage the selection process

If you have sold the HR any time, you understand that the process can be lengthy. I had to do with what I have worked for many years before I finally saw the wages of trouble. Here's my advice on how you can possibly shorten the process.

Someone has to manage the design process. If HR does not, you might also consider the management of projects as part of their responsibility. With each contact or meeting, it is important that you do something to advance the process with the next step. At the end of each session, I would ask what the next step is summarized the achievements made and the time of delivery of results tabulated. If I had given to the customer references, I wonder how long it could continue with these references, and then determine what the next step was then. This is called "the progress of the sale." To me, it's a bit of project management as well. Someone has to keep the process going. If you have inside help from others are gathering information for you, you need to be aware of them to ensure they meet deadlines.

If there are people with the prospect company from which you are waiting for more information, you must follow up with them so well, to ensure they meet their deadlines.


It's hard to believe, but I was often amazed at how bad suppliers HR job was done with this part of the process. If you tell your prospect, you will get these references, additional information or a proposal by a certain date, you'd better do it. There is no easier way to lose credibility than constantly monitoring not later than the time you specify, or not to respond to everyone. If you can not meet a deadline, at least, let the prospect know and give a new deadline, which, again, you'd better answer. The selection process for HR software is quite long and you do not need to complete the default monitoring on the schedule you set.

When I was selling HR software, I used a variety of management systems, customer resource. Everyone had the opportunity to plan future calls. I used this feature, and at that moment, I started my day off to do just that. If a client asked me to see them for six months, I did. And I was amazed at how often others do not. For me, dealing with other people, effectively follows.


As mentioned above, there is nothing easier than selling HR software. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you are going to lose the deal you thought you had won. If I won the entire HR system for sale that I should be, I would sit sailing in the Caribbean, instead of writing this article. I never thought that one of the objects do not guarantee success, but at least I think that the tips are offered in this article will make you a more effective human resource management software sales rep. The article shows how I sold the HR systems, and it was really effective. While with Sage software, I have broken almost all records of sales they had. Dealer for more than ten years, we were in the top 20% of the sale of a large number of participating suppliers. I hope consultative approach works well for you as it did for me.

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