Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steve Jobs And Mark Zuckerberg

There is thing that they both have in common that has helped them generate dominating companies. No, it is not an wonderful gene or a ridiculously high IQ, a great schooling, perseverance, a gift for getting expertise or access to start up capital.

There is few entrepreneurs & business owners who would not need to bottle & down the magic secrets of success that Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg appeared to have tapped in to, in the event that they could.

It is this macro, global vision that enabled them to generate these organizations in to the behaviour shaping giants they are today. For new business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs, this doesn't necessary mean that you need to need to take over the world in order to be successful & naturally plenty of cannot afford to fundamentally pump limitless dollars in to their organizations for years before turning a profit. However, the lesson that all can take away from this, irrespective of how high their goals reach is to follow what they are truly passionate about above chasing the next month's paycheck without consideration of future revenues.

What has made Apple & Facebook different & has played a massive role in their successes was the vision to generate products & a business that would adjust the world & leave an enduring footprint, not a focus on making the next dollar.

There is a lot of articles & books on finding your passion & turning it in to a viable & profitable business, though perhaps Steve Jobs simplified the method the best in of his quotes. It is said that they looked in the mirror every day & asked himself, if this was his last day alive would they need to be doing what they was doing. So what is it that you would need to be doing or working towards in the event you new you had limited time left on this planet & how would you fuel your ability to do that?

With this said, you can bet that both Mark & Steve employed a ton of testing, tweaking & paid plenty of attention to the details in order to see their visions become reality. So find your driving passion & fountain of ongoing motivation but recognize that it is also going to take planning & dedication to constant improvement & great promotion to get you where you need to go. So check the mirror & pick what you are going to dominate today.

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