Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Importance Of Communication In The Organization

Communication is one of the basic functions of management of each organization and its importance can hardly be underestimated. This is a process for sharing information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans throughout the organization.

You can not have human relations without communication. However, a good and effective communication requires not only good human relations, but also good business and success.

Effective communication is needed at several levels and in different aspects of an organization as -

For Manager - reports:

The effective communication of information and decision-making is essential for managing the employment relationship. The director can not do the work of its employees, unless effectively communicate what to do? You should also make sure some basic information as how to communicate and what results you can expect from this communication. Most management problems arise because of the lack of effective communication. The possibilities of misunderstanding and misrepresentation can be minimized by an appropriate communication system.

For the motivation and morale of employees:

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Communication is also an essential tool for motivation, which can improve the morale of an organization. Defective or improper disclosure among employees or between managers and subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work. Manager should clarify to employees about what to do, how they are and what you can do to improve performance to improve their motivation. You can prepare a written statement that clearly describes the relationship between business goals and personal goals and to integrate the interests of both.

To learn more about productivity:

With effective communication, you can maintain good human relations in the organization and encourage ideas and suggestions from employees or workers and implementing them as much as possible, you can also increase production at low prices.

For employees:

It is through communication that employees submit their work reports, comments, complaints and suggestions to their seniors or management. The organization must have a fast and effective communication and procedures to avoid delays, misunderstandings, confusion or distortion of the facts and to establish harmony among all affected individuals and departments.

The importance of written communication:

Communication may be made orally or in writing. In oral communication, listeners can make the speaker is trying to say, but in the written submission from the text of the message is a reflection of his thought. Therefore, the written communication or message should be clear, concise and resolved with the right words to avoid any misinterpretation of his message. Written communications provides a permanent record for future use and also provides an opportunity for employees to develop their written comments or suggestions.

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