Friday, January 20, 2012

katy perry rocked Jakarta

Singer from California, United States, Katy Perry to act on stage in a concert entitled The California Dreams Tour 2012 at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, West Java, last night. Katy brought a number of her hits, such as fireworks, California Gurls, and last Friday night 19 January 2012.
Sentul- hysteria broke out when the figure is expected eventually emerge. "I'm finally here, Jakarta welcome to the California dream," said singer Katy Perry opened the California Dreams Tour 2012 concert at Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, last night. Thousands of Cats Katy - Katy Perry fans called - immediately welcomed with applause.

Those who have packed the arena concert since yelling at 13.00. Increasingly boisterous cheers when the song Teenage Dream glide from singer whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Costumed like a princess in the Land of Sweets, coupled with good decor and magnificent colorful stage and excellent sound quality, the initial appearance of the singer from California that soon heat up the atmosphere.
Shouts of "Katy ... Katy ..." from the fans never stopped flowing in between songs. The audience is mostly teenagers, the average rose from his seat and immediately rocked. Continued on the second song called Homing Bird, Katy again make the audience jump. On the third track Waking Up in Vegas, the singer who has released three albums are singing, throwing candy to the audience.

Accompanied by backup dancers and the band, Katy gives the performance of the totality of good sound with singing nonstop. The audience was shouting incessantly in the concert area. When adrenaline is racing, Katy sang Ur so gay. This time the singer-songwriter's costume changes. He is like a lollipop lady.

Exactly the fifth song, Peacock, Katy returned to replace his stage costume with a peacock-style dress. At appearances in Jakarta which is the opening of the tour in this 2012 series, Katy sings 14 songs taken from all three albums, namely "One of the Boy", "Hot and Cold", and the newest album "Teenage Dream". A number of hits such as California Gurls, The One That Got Away, Firework, Hot and Cold, Futuristic Lover, Peacock, Not Like a Movie, and Last Friday Night was sung perfectly.
In the middle of the concert, Katy made the atmosphere even more excited to call one of the audience onto the stage. The audience was also fortunate to take pictures with and get a "bonus" Katy kiss on the cheek. "Indonesia, make some noise. Jakarta are you having fun? You guys are my biggest fans, "he shouted.
Calming the atmosphere, The Onet That Got Away flowing. Katy sings with the tone and the atmosphere was slowly carried away by the rhythm of his voice. The audience is made endlessly fascinated. In this concert, Katy told as a woman in the fairy tale.

One of the spectators, Ika Yanuarini, was deeply satisfied with his performance that is very intriguing. Katy Perry appeared very beautiful with the stage, effects, and stunning lighting. Katy was very interactive to the audience. Meanwhile, vocalist Sheila On 7, Duta, said something similar. He admitted the whole concert was very successful.
"I came here because the kids loved the Katy," he said. Closes with the song California Girls the audience seemed satisfied with his performance. Katy's concert in Indonesia deserves thumbs up for exceptional performance.

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