Friday, July 6, 2012

Meditation Technique for Enlightenment

Self questions is one of the most effective relaxation methods used by many individuals all over the world. Trained by the educated Expert, Ramana Maharshi, this relaxation strategy alone has assisted many individuals encounter highly effective declares of relaxation, samadhi and even self understanding.
At the most ordinary level, self questions is asking "Who am I?" In asking this query, your interest removes back onto itself, the brain becomes still and for however long it continues, you encounter nothing but genuine awareness, genuine interest itself. Dualistic subject/object understanding is gone and there is only the encounter of one unlimited awareness.

The awesome thing about this relaxation strategy is that it uses the brain to quit the brain. "Who am I" is not an perceptive query, instead it is a query to cut right through the perceptive concepts. Because if you really look to discover the response, you will discover that your name, body and profession is not what you are.

Certainly intellectually, these things would be your response. But if you really consult into the characteristics of what you are in now, you shift forward away from all psychological descriptions and come to something which cannot be put into terms, something that actually silences the terms.

So in exercising the self questions strategy, in asking "Who am I," your interest goes inward instead of external, previous perceptive information to that which cannot be described or described. You start to encounter what is here beyond your opinions, beyond all concepts and descriptions of what you know intellectually. This encounter of genuine awareness, genuine interest is often termed as the Self, Atman, the sensation of 'I am,' calmness, peaceful atmosphere, the gap and the insufficient me.

All of these terms may factor towards what is here, but it is necessary to observe that the terms themselves are not the response. The response is the peaceful atmosphere, the secret that is there whenever you ask the query. You use the self questions relaxation strategy to take you to the substance of what is here beyond thought and in that you learn to maintain that substance, to relax in genuine awareness.

When you start exercising the self questions relaxation strategy, you may ask "who am I?" and the encounter of genuine awareness may only last a second before you are again captured up in considering. So then you do it again the query to again take you out of considering and into your organic condition of genuine awareness. At first, it may be that you ask "who am I" with every breathe and then on the breathe out you encounter what is here beyond considering.

But as you enhance, you can maintain your organic condition of genuine awareness for more some time to for a a longer period duration of your power and power. At first, the encounter of genuine being may last 2 a few moments, then 5 a few moments, even Thirty a few moments before you are again get captured up in considering.

But with exercise, you come to a factor where the query is no more needed; you come to a factor where the sensation of genuine awareness becomes major enough that your interest can maintain that without actually requiring to use the query anymore.

It is here the relaxation strategy no more becomes an questions, but rather you basically relax into genuine being, you give up in genuine awareness. You start to be able to straight encounter now beyond psychological understanding, without having to use your thoughts. You start to encounter that you are not your thoughts, but the awareness behind the considering, the awareness from where the concepts occur and vanish on their own.

It is worth noting that most of Ramana Maharshi's training has been neglected, and that is the Expert himself. Ramana Maharshi extended Shaktipat, the power of enlightenment. Just by seated in Ramana Maharshi's existence, individuals would easily encounter strong declares of happiness and self understanding, without having to exercise any relaxation strategy.

You can obtain this same Shaktipat by enjoying a very exclusive relaxation CD. By simply enjoying relaxation songs, this Shaktipat is woke up in you and you easily obtain strong declares of relaxation and happiness.

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